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Our article in the New York Law Journal 4/12/17

Revisiting Agreements After Unforeseen Changes Occur   The current political climate has encapsulated what we have longed recognized: that unpredictable—even outlier, low-probability events—happen. This unpredictability and volatility, when mirrored on a micro level in the lives of parties to a conflict, can be similarly jarring. Faced with such stresses, some parties to conflict seek to

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Tools for Getting Parties Through Impasse

DECEMBER 7, 2016.  New York Law Journal. In our last column, we discussed several strategies for addressing impasse in mediation: examining the conflict dynamic; using silence to allow parties time to consider the issues; exploring the parties’ motivation to mediate; shifting to a different topic, enabling time for further reflection; considering the smaller components of

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New York Law Journal: Groundbreaking Study Offers Insight on Effectiveness of Strategies of Mediation

  December 9, 2015 Study Offers Insight on Effectiveness of Strategies Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim, New York Law Journal   In 2014, the Administrative Office of the Courts in Maryland issued a groundbreaking study of mediation. This study, “What Works in Child Access Mediation: Effectiveness of Various Mediation Strategies on Custody Cases and Parents’

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