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Must-Read Article about Parenting in Divorce

Robert Emery, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virgina, is pre-eminent in the mediation community for having conducted THE longitudinal study about the positive effects of mediation. This article, published in the New York Times, is essential reading for all divorcing couples.

In the WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Conscious Uncoupling”

‘Consciously Uncouple’: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are Doing It.  Should Anyone?Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and actressGwyneth Paltrowannounced yesterday that they will “consciously uncouple.” While they’ve been mocked on social media for this New Age verbiage (“Now that divorce is ‘conscious uncoupling,’ what else will Gwyneth Paltrow rebrand?” Time tweeted.), to us as divorce mediators (and

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Moving Beyond the Win-Lose Paradigm

Mediation practitioners may come upon a particularly challenging brand of case—that which entails negotiating over a single dominant asset or issue. In these cases, at first glance, one party will win and the other lose, a dynamic on its face anathema to the compromises inherent in mediation.