Mediation and Legal Services

Family Mediation offers a unique co-mediation teamwork model. Clients benefit from two professionals helping you negotiate, communicate and understand the options you face in resolving your conflict. Co-mediation enriches each session each step along the way, adding depth and efficiency to the process.

Founded in 2005, Family Mediation is dedicated to helping families resolve all manner of conflict outside of the adversarial process.  We began providing mediation and legal services to a broad spectrum of clients  – each facing unique challenges in a time of transition.  From our inception, we have brought a combination of legal expertise and compassion, specialized communication skills and professionalism, to both our mediation practice, as well as to our direct legal representation.

We offer services customized to needs of individuals and couples in the areas of divorce mediation, family conflict mediation (such as post-divorce negotiations, family business transitions and marital mediation) and prenuptial mediation. We also provide direct representation in all of these areas. These services may be for individuals requiring advice and counsel while participating in a mediation process or for those negotiating their divorce settlement, prenuptial or other conflict, in a collaborative manner outside of court.