Family And Divorce Mediation

The Good Divorce

By choosing the divorce mediation process and looking for “the good divorce,” you are taking control of the decisions you must make in order to obtain a divorce. Nevertheless, negotiating with an estranged spouse is often painful. As your neutral mediators, it is our job to guide you through the necessary decisions with respect to parenting and finances, all the while respecting your autonomy to make your own best choices. We strive along the way to give you the opportunity to be heard and understood, and to listen to and understand the other party, as well. This provides a foundation for compromise and choices that should make sense to both of you as you contemplate your new lives after the divorce.

For divorcing parents, divorce mediation is a chance to design schedules and parenting roles and responsibilities that reflect your unique family. Additionally, as we help you to bring understanding to this aspect of the negotiations, you may preserve a measure of your relationship, or begin a new manner of communication as cooperative parents. Many couples who mediated their divorce report an improved ability to parent together for the benefit of their children, thereby avoiding the all too common dynamic of placing the children in the middle of adult conflict.

Marriage Equality

The understanding-based model of mediation applies equally to same-sex couples who find themselves separating. As all couples now have the right, across the land, to marry, several issues regarding same sex couples as parents remain legally unresolved. We bring a level of sensitivity, legal knowledge and financial and parenting expertise to these unique negotiations.