Prenuptial Mediation

Couples entering into marriage may find themselves seeking to protect assets and to prevent future protracted litigation. Whether a first time marriage or one later in life, prenuptial agreements offer an attractive way to secure earnings, inherited wealth and ensure the distribution of one’s estate. Likewise, the prenuptial agreement may provide the non-monied spouse a stable standard of living, should the parties divorce. Regardless of the motivation, these agreements often become a source of premarital stress, as couples are negotiating a financial contract while they would prefer to be immersed in the joys of wedding plans. Abby and Ellie from Family Mediation are well versed in all aspects of Prenuptial Mediation and will help you and your spouse every step of the way.

There are two ways we can help you:

The first is for you and your future spouse to participate in prenuptial mediation—to come together and negotiate directly, with our assistance as neutral mediators, the terms of your agreement. We will ensure that you both understand the financial impact of the choices you face. Prenuptial mediation provides an opportunity for you to communicate directly about each of your financial concerns, needs and expectations as you enter into marriage. The results of this process are meant to yield an agreement that you both feel reflects your sense of fairness. In our role as your mediators, we will also advise you as to the legal requirements, ensuring future enforceability of your agreement.

The second way we can assist you is to negotiate on your behalf, not as mediators, but as advocates. We will explain the role of the law and the financial implications of your decisions. We can also draft the prenuptial agreement for you, or review one drafted by your future spouse’s attorney. While providing you advice and counsel, we are sensitive to the dynamics of conducting a financial negotiation on the eve of marriage.