2. DRL§236B(6)(a) inter alia: age and health of the parties; the equitable distribution of marital property; the length of the marriage.

3. In particular, for residents of New York City, housing is the single largest line item and basic need couples need to accommodate.

4. Also part of the 2010 bill was a provision that the monied spouse pay counsel fees, thereby correcting the financial advantage a monied spouse could employ in a litigated divorce. That is, hiring a very expensive attorney and protracting the negotiations and motion practice such that the non-monied spouse could not reasonably participate in the action and therefore, had to capitulate. At least while the action was in court, the non-monied spouse received a monthly sum due.

5. As per DRL§240(1-b)(c)(5-7), this includes, generally, health insurance, health-care expenses not covered by insurance, educational expenses and reasonable child-care expenses.